An elegant and lustrous fabric, duchess satin is shiny, heavy, and luxurious. Often used for couture wedding gowns or extravagant home decor, it has been around since ancient China. Silk weavers made this textile with many layers of delicate fibers that created a soft texture with a lot of body and sheen. It is a popular choice for wedding gowns because it drapes well, helping to create full and beautiful skirts.


Duchess Satin
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Beautiful Fabric!
So happy with the fabric, exactly what I wanted for my ball gown. I made a full length circle skirt with it and it hung so nicely and had a lovely structure to it. Came in a parcel bag, single wrapped which sadly got ripped during delivery but these thing happen and I don’t think it was BST Fabrics fault. So happy with it and will be ordering from them again! Thanks!