The shop will open on Monday 12th April, can we please remind our customers to wear a mask. We have a strict No Mask, No Entry policy, no exceptions. If you are medically exempt then we ask you to please contact us before coming so we can arrange a time for you to shop in a way that is safe for both our customers and our high-risk staff.

What is microfibre?

You’ve seen it everywhere; from mops to furniture, sportswear to towels – but what is microfibre, exactly? And what makes it so versatile? ‘Microfibre’ refers to a synthetic fibre which is extremely thin,
even slimmer than a strand of silk (which is about a fifth of the diameter of a human hair). To be exact, a microfibre must be finer than one denier of thread.
Microfibre can vary in properties dependent on the fibres it’s created from. This results in an incredibly adaptable fabric with plenty of advantages over natural woven materials.

Microfiber Fabric
Microfiber Fabric White