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Our very first WACADAY Mallets Mallet challenge at BST on Thursday 21st Jan
2021 with BossMan defeating Pitbull

Meet Cherish Barnes, our very first crafter to feature in the BST Spotlight. Seen here
wearing a stunning dress made from our Cheshire Cat fabric.

Her out of this world dress is using an old fabric we no longer stock, but we do have
something similar in our new Crafty Cotton Space range which you can find here...


Our second crafter in the Spotlight was Elaine Swan, who has made 2 amazing
Faux Fur Coats.


For Elaine's Blue Faux Fur Coat

Our 3rd crafter in the BST Spotlight is Maria Robert, who has shared a few pics
of her mega comfy PJ Lounge Set, We no longer have the Monkey pattern in
stock, but we do have plenty of other great prints to choose from 


For plain fleece